capturing the moments and beauty in life most don’t take the time to see.
  • Cathy Neth

    A photographer with a goal of capturing the moments and beauty in life most don't take the time to see.

    She enjoys landscape, nature, long exposure and architectural photography.


  • Photography

    ... is my passion. I strive to capture the moment that most people fail to see...

  • Perspective

    To capture life from a different perspective...

  • Architecture

    To find unique and fascinating architecture...

  • Symmetry

    To find symmetry...

  • Long Exposure

    To use long shutter speeds to create stunning results..

    Long Exposure
  • Share

    and share my experiences with the world.

    Shooting with a Nikon D3200 I hope you enjoy the glimpse into my world through the lens.

    Take a minute and review my portfolio.

  • Project 365

    In enjoyed this project so much the last two years I have decided to continue the project to 2014. This past year I have obtained new lenses and filters and I look forward to using those more in this years project. My goal is to take a photo a day for a year and in the end have a pictural view of my year.

    Project 365