Justice for Justice burning a candle

112/366: Justice for Justice

Theme week: Animals

This candle burns in loving memory of Justice.  May justice be served and God’s wrath come down on the monsters who did this to an innocent puppy. Karma!

Update: The person has turned himself in, now lets hope he turns in the others involved.  Justice for Justice!


SPCA of Texas increases reward offered in animal abuse case;

Puppy allegedly set on fire in Pleasant Grove died last week

DALLAS – The SPCA of Texas is increasing the reward to up to $25,000 for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the person or persons who allegedly set a dog on fire in Pleasant Grove. Several supporters have pledged funding to allow the SPCA of Texas to increase the reward, including $10,000 received from an anonymous donor and $5,000 from the Murrell Foundation.

Dallas police and Dallas Animal Services responded to the complaint in Pleasant Grove on April 4 and an animal cruelty investigation is now in progress. The puppy, named Justice, was being cared for by DFW Rescue Me, but died last week from his injuries. Dallas Animal Services is asking the individuals who videotaped and photographed the incident to come forward, or anyone with information that will lead to the arrest and prosecution of individuals involved in this case to call Crime Stoppers at (214) 373-8477. All calls will be confidential.

“A person who commits this type of torture should be accountable for this vicious act,” said SPCA of Texas President James Bias. “There is a well-documented link between animal cruelty and human violence. Assisting Dallas Animal Services and the Dallas Police Department with bringing this person or persons to justice will help stop the cycle of abuse.”

Update: 4/19/2012

DALLAS – Dallas police confirmed they are actively searching for an 18-year-old Dallas County man accused of torturing a four-month-old puppy by setting the animal on fire. The dog later died from the injuries sustained in the torching.

Police said their search for Darius Ewing continues.

According to the police report, witnesses told police Ewing used lighter fluid and a cigarette to set the puppy on fire. Within a week, the puppy named “Justice” died of severe burns suffered both internally and externally.

Animal welfare experts said if convicted, Ewing could face up to 10 years behind bars since animal cruelty is a felony, and using an accelerate is considered a deadly weapon in animal cruelty cases in Dallas County.

Jonnie England, with the Metroplex Animal Coalition, said the key is securing enough evidence to convict. England said she is encouraged an arrest warrant has been issued and is hoping an arrest happens soon. England said she’s also hoping the entire group believed to be involved is held accountable.

In a similar case six years ago in Dallas County, another puppy named “Mercy” suffered a similar fate, England said. The 10-month-old pit bull’s heart gave out after she was set on fire and endured burns over 60 percent of her body.

Deshawn Brown, 21, was later convicted for the crime and sentenced to four years behind bars.

Dallas County officials said if arrested, Ewing will be facing his first offense in Dallas County and would likely be jailed on $1,500 bond.

As for Justice, a special vigil will be held at 7:30 p.m. Friday in front of Dallas City Hall. A funeral will be held Saturday at 1 p.m. at Tooth Acres, located at 1639 Parker Road in Carrollton.