Midge the Chimpanzee at Black Beauty Ranch

115/366: Midge the Chimpanzee

Theme week: Animals at Black Beauty Ranch

Today caretakers say Midge is the most agreeable of the three chimps who live at Black Beauty (along with Lulu, Midge shares his life with Kitty, another female chimp, in their expansive, outdoor chimp habitat). He loves to play tug-of-war with the gals and spend his days running around the grass in his yard. He also is fond of making noise like an adolescent, even though he is in his senior years. Midge likes to be surrounded by loud sounds, and one of his favorite ways to pump up the volume is to push the plastic furniture in his indoor enclosure along the floor and into walls. Also a music lover, Midge’s preference seems to be rock-n-roll tunes, as long as they are noisy ones.

Read Midge’s Story and more about how his life is now…

I got to watch Midge the chimpanzee eat some snacks, including a banana, it was amazing they way he pealed it so efficiently.  It was encouraging to see this chimp so happy after all he has been thru.  And made me realize the impact of research testing on animals.  Is it worth it?