10th Anniversary Quilt

47/365: 10th Anniversary Quilt

10 years ago next week Gwenn and I committed our lives to one another in a beautiful ceremony.  Here is the story of the quilt….

Lacking many funds, our 1 year dating anniversary date was at the beach in the evening… The moon was bright and shining full, the water was calm and the grains of sand were glistening white from the reflection of the moon.  During conversation I let Gwenn know I loved her to the moon and back, in which her response was I love you to the moon and back out of a grain of sand.  In honor of that evening Gwenn decided to make me a quilt, which has sat in a bag unfinished for 13 years.

Unknown to me for the past 6 months she has been working diligently on ‘project Q.’  There are over 2000 squares which make a memorable image of that night.  Sleeping under the quilt for the first time last night, Gwenn’s warmth and love surrounded me as I slept soundly.

See Gwenn’s side of the story

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