Crossfit Battle of the Box

264/365: CrossFit Battle Of The Box II

Completed my first Battle of the Box.  What an amazing experience with an amazing group of people.  Thanks to everyone who cheered me on and helped me push myself far more then I expected!  Jamie and I came in second in the girls group.  Next year, we get first!  Here is what we did….

4 Events in CF Lewisville and CF Flower Mound’s Battle of the Box

Event #1 – “The Cub”
Teams will get 5 min to begin warming up then they will have 5 min to find their heaviest Hang Clean from above the knees + Thruster + Front Squat. *hang clean must start after athlete completes a full deadlift.


Event #2 – “Quick Cindy”
Teams will work as individuals here. Athlete 1 has 4 min to complete as many rounds and partial rounds as possible of:
Jumping Chest to Bar Pull-ups (5 men/3 women)
Hand Release Push-ups (10 men/7 women)
Air Squats (15 men/12 women)
There will be a 1 minute transition time then Athlete 2 will have 4 min to complete same AMRAP

Event #3 – “Fifteen!”
Teams will work together however they choose to complete:
15 min AMRAP
15 Thrusters 45# men/35# women
15 Box Jumps 24″ men/20″ women
15 KB Swings 53# men/35# women
*so teams can split these reps up with their partner however they want they must maintain the rep scheme and order of the workout

Event #4 – “Sprint Finish”
Tag team style – Athlete 1 will complete 1 round then tag partner and Athlete 2 will then complete 1 round.
1 round each athlete of:
300m Row
21 Burpees onto a 45# bumper plate
200m Run
*partners will not be allowed to touch or assist with the rower transitions