Melvin and Nickle Goldfish

210/365: In Memory of Nickle the Goldfish

For the last eight months, our goldfish had been sick and lived at the bottom of the tank. All this time, we have been hand feeding him twice a day. Today he died.
The bigger message we want to share is the true friendship between Nickle and Melvin (the other goldfish). Nickle was always the more social fish, not only towards Melvin but also any human or dogs nearby. Melvin preferred to keep to himself. But when Nickle became sick, Melvin began spending all of his time by Nickle’s side. Even though Nickle was unable to swim around, Melvin was right there, even in the worst of times. Melvin was a true friend to Nickle.
…We’re gonna miss that little fish.

Photo: Melvin on the left, Nickle on the right.

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