rose colored glasses

109/365: Rose Colored Glasses

Americans see our world through rose colored glasses.  We take for granted our security, our safety and our freedom.  We believe these things will always be in place and we believe we are above others.  [Ok not everybody, but most Americans]  Our perspective is skewed, our thinking misaligned.

It isn’t until an ‘event’ of terrorism, either foreign or domestic occurs to Americans that we start to question all these things, these freedoms.  These types of ‘events’ happen weekly in other countries, but why does it take an act or event here, on our soil for us to start to realize how lucky we are, how blessed and how free.  Why don’t we cherish our freedom, safety and security each and every day that we are allowed to live in this great country called America?

I haven’t been able to write about the events that occurred on April 15th 2013 in Boston until today.  I haven’t been able to fully wrap my head around the event until today.  And today I ask myself why do we so frequently look at life through rose colored glasses and fool ourselves into thinking things are different than what they actually are?

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