Compassion Experience

179/365: Compassion Experience

This afternoon the family went to an event called the Compassion Experience.  It was a powerful reminder of how much we ‘have’ and how privileged we are.

This photo represents the house of one of the children.  One of the chairs is propped up against a doorway which leads to a bar.  The chair helps keep them safe from the drunken men.  The other chair is used for sleeping.  The children in the family alternate who gets to sleep in the chair, while the others sleep on the floor.

Visitors to The Compassion Experience step into the life of a child who has suffered under the crippling weight of poverty. But the journey does not end there. In the span of less than 30 minutes, they will travel with that child from hardship to hope. And in the midst of hope, they will watch that child’s story transformed through the support of Compassion and the child’s life-giving relationship with a sponsor.

The Compassion Experience will challenge your views of poverty, transform your understanding of the world, and move you to be the change for a child that just needs someone to believe in them.

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