East Ruskin Pavilion Seaside Florida

277/365: East Ruskin Pavilion Seaside Florida

Over the next 9 days I will be showcasing photographs from a series of beach pavilions located in Seaside Florida.

Day 3: East Ruskin Pavilion Seaside Florida

Architecture and description: Architect – Stuart Cohen and Anders Nereim Architects.

The requirements for the Ruskin Street Pavilion were, a changing room, a storage area, a toilet, a dune walkover, a place to sit and look at the water, and a stair down to the beach. The toilet and changing room, and the storage shed became separate “gateway” pavilions to mark the beginning of the dune walkover. They were designed as miniatures of the main pavilions which were conceived as simple roof structures.

We wanted to make a pavilion that would be “of the place”, so the back edges of the pavilions were designed as benches that copy Seaside’s ubiquitous Adirondack chairs. The ends of the pavilion were to be trellised panels, again a gesture to incorporate the ubiquitous trellising of Sideside’s houses. We realized that if the scale of the trellising were increased it could form the actual structure holding up the roofs. Separating the sitting area into two pavilions and angling them was Robert Davis’ idea. He had just returned from Rome and thought of creating a directional space like the Campidoglio.

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