Laminectomy - Discectomy at L5 - S1

168/365: Update on Laminectomy – Discectomy at L5 – S1

Had my first post op appointment with my surgeon Dr. Kevin James who preformed the Laminectomy – Discectomy at L5 – S1.  The good news is the surgical site is healing as expected and I’m on track with my recovery.  The bad news is the fluid in the disc is all gone and as shown in the photo part of the vertebrae bone was removed between L5 and S1.  This means i’ll have some back discomfort probably for the rest of my life and my activities will have to be limited to things which do not put pressure on my lower back, this includes running, carrying a hiking backpack, etc.

As of right now going back to CrossFit is labeled a ‘maybe,’ it will just depend how it feels once my physical therapy is over.  However, if I do start back at CrossFit I will not be able to do things that put pressure on my lower-back area.  He recommended definitely doing core strengthening.