hurdle the turtle

256/365: Recovery One Week Post Op

It has been a week of ups and downs, high and lows, peaks and valleys, hurdles and times of ease.  If seen so much good in people and people have been so good to me (mostly).  Hurdle the turtle has helped with each day.  Hurdle was in the operating room (yes the OR), recovery room and in my individual room.  Hurdle is a daily reminder that things are not always easy, but we just have to reach a bit, we can make it.  I can make it.

Life is not yet seen in full color, it is dull and sometimes faded with shadows of what once was.  The sports and activities I once loved will now have to be replaced with something… but what… what can replace that excitement, that adrenaline, that feeling.

There are several things which I hadn’t written in previous posts which I feel the need to mention.

1. To the operating room nurse Becky at Dallas Medical Center. Thank you! Thank you for teaching me a way to breath and calm down which I will use the rest of my life.  Thank you for your calm gentle hand that guided me into that operating room.

2. To the ICU nurse Julie at Dallas Medical Center.  Thank you.  Thank you for being gentle with me, thank you for your sweetness and your willingness to try so hard to help in my time of need.  Thank you for helping me get off the ICU so I didn’t have to have another night of the nurse who treated me like crap.

3. To all the people who have brought my family food, prayers, support and kindness in the last weeks. Thank you.  You generosity has far exceeded anything I could of imagined and I hope we can pay it forward when another is in a time of need.