Savannah Beach Pavilion Seaside Florida

276/365: Savannah Beach Pavilion Seaside Florida

Over the next 9 days I will be showcasing photographs from a series of beach pavilions located in Seaside Florida.

Day 2: Savannah Beach Pavilion Seaside Florida

Architecture and description: Architect:Tom Christ. In 1984 Davis asked Christ to come to Seaside to serve as Town Architect for a year. So Christ and his wife moved to the beach, planning to stay only a year, not knowing that they would end up staying for another thirty years. While serving as Town Architect, Christ received numerous commissions very quickly, including several of the early houses on Tupelo Street and Ruskin Street, along with the Savannah Street Beach Pavilion. He also worked on some of the buildings in the work area, including a tower on axis with Tupelo Street, called “Poet’s Tower.”

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