Brandywine Falls Ohio Waterfalls

194/365: Brandywine Falls – Ohio Waterfalls

Brandywine Falls is one of the best Ohio Waterfalls.  Carved by Brandywine Creek, the 65-foot falls demonstrates classic geological features of waterfalls. A layer of hard rock caps the waterfall, protecting softer layers of rock below. In this case, the top layer is Berea Sandstone. The softer layers include Bedford and Cleveland shales, soft rocks formed from mud found on the sea floor that covered this area 350-400 million years ago. Shale is thinly chunked, giving water a bridal veil appearance as it cascades down the falls.

Photo: Taken using a Neutral Density filter and long exposure technique to make the water appear fluid and soft. F/11 with an Exposure time of 1/8 sec.

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