Elwood Pass Road Colorado

324/365: Elwood Pass Colorado

The East Fork Road and Elwood Pass are special places in Pagosa Country. The East Fork of the San Juan River flows down from the lofty heights of the Continental Divide. Water from melting snow plunges down a narrow canyon and then flows into a great wide valley at lower elevation and then into the San Juan River. This is one of the few remaining hardcore jeep trails that crest the Continental Divide.

Driving on this road was quite the adventure as we first attempted it on our own car, but did not get very far and had to turn around.  We then attempted it with a guided tour in a Jeep 4×4 and made it, but it was bumpy and tough going at times. The reward at the end of the road was a beautiful waterfall called Silver Falls.

This country road could take me home any day.  I’m missing the crisp air, the snow and the beautiful mountains.