Duke University Cameron Indoor Stadium

195/366: Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke University

For many many years I have dreamed about being inside Cameron Indoor Stadium at Duke University and in June 2016 my dream came true….

It all started with a trip out to see my nephews graduation from high school and a planned day trip hiking with my niece Anna.  A few weeks before the graduation I asked Anna about taking a road trip to Duke after our hiking trip, but alas, it was way out of the way, but who cares, because Anna agreed to take me.  The excitement I felt is equivalent to telling a young child they are going to Disney world.

The day arrived and we were very tired after hiking for several hours, but Anna insisted we still go down to Duke (and thank goodness she did.) When we first arrived on the University campus I was giddy and so excited I could barely contain my excitement (as I bounced up and down in the passenger seat)… we visited the chapel and then began our search for Cameron Indoor Stadium… Once located I didn’t have any expectations of being able to go inside, but when I pulled that door handle.. waaalaaa… I’M IN! I was IN Cameron Indoor Stadium and who knew how long this would last before we got kicked out or in trouble… I pulled out my camera and slowly crawled up the stairs to were I could see THE COURT, yes the court, were my favorite basketball team plays, were the Cameron crazies go crazy and were Coach K does what Coach K does – WIN.  I crawled further and further up the stairs and nobody said anything.. I took several pictures and then we decided to go explore more.. I then got courageous and actually stepped foot on THE COURT, yes Coach K Court.. where champions play and my Duke Blue Devils play.  I was so fired up I even kissed the court.  Anna and I continued to explore Cameron Indoor Stadium until we had seen everything.

I’m so thankful to Anna for allowing my lifetime dream to come true… Thank you!