Duke University Chapel

202/366: Duke University Chapel

On my visit to Duke University our first stop was by the Duke University Chapel which was constructed from 1930 to 1932, the Chapel seats about 1,800 people and stands 210 feet tall.  It was a beauty to see the inside. When I entered there were a group of people getting ready to hear a concert.. I pulled out my tripod and setup my camera and was soon visited by a Chapel employee telling me that tripods are tripping hazards and I must put it away.  I used my charm and said I would be quick and that seemed to appease her for a few minutes… I quickly snapped several photos of which, this one is my favorite. It truly shows the age, size and charm of the Chapel.

The 77 Chapel stained-glass windows were designed and constructed over a three-year period by 15 artists and craftsmen, including S. Charles Jaekle of G. Owen Bonawit, Inc. They are constructed from over one million pieces of glass, imported from England, France, and Belgium and varying in thickness between 1/8 and 3/16 inch. The largest window measures 17.5 by 38 feet, and the smallest measures just 14 by 20 inches.

I would love to revisit the Chapel when an event is not on going in order to get more symmetric photos.

Photo shot with my Nikon D810 for 1/3 second exposure time at f/11, ISO 800 – 14mm.