Fourmile Falls Colorado

300/366: Finding Peace – Fourmile Falls Colorado

So often we live our life for someone else. Making sacrifices to the point at which we become resentful.  Only when we begin to look outside ourselves, examine what truly makes us happy – do we begin to find peace. Find peace from guilt and resentment. Find peace from our past and make peace with the future. The future which brings us ultimate happiness.

Photo taken on Fourmile falls trail a bit before the waterfall. You can see the 300 foot waterfall to the left of the photo dancing as the wind blows off the mountain.  Aspen and Pine trees line the trail as you get closer to the falls and eventually you can feel the cool mist of the waterfall. So refreshing and sublime.

Photo taken with my Nikon D810 and Lee Filters CP and Big Stopper for an exposure time of 15 seconds at f/8.0, ISO 100 – 14mm.