Colorado Bend State Park Star Trails

340/366: Galactic Light Show

The first night at Colorado Bend State Park I enjoyed the fun of a new moon. The lack of light provided a galactic light show which I was able to capture with my camera. The stars shine the brightest on the darkest of nights.. and this night was dark. The feeling of being out, under the brightest of stars, under the galaxy where we are just a tiny spec is exhilarating. To know you are looking up at space to objects which shine millions of miles away is unlike any other feeling… a nature high, a natural high.

This is a composite of 24 separate photos. Each photo has an exposure time of 25 seconds at f/2.8, ISO 1600 – 15mm. The Milky Way shoots across the middle of the photo and gives the stars a unique color. The line going through the North Star area is the International Space Station, pretty freaking awesome.