Heron Lake State Park New Mexico

292/366: Heron Lake State Park

On a recent road trip we stopped for lunch at Heron Lake State Park in New Mexico and what a picturesque moment appeared when we arrived and found our lunch spot.  The lake was calm, no wind, which was surprising… and then you could see the wind start to move off the mountain and across the lake.

If you look towards the back left of the lake you will see the turquoise color, that is the wind line, in front of that you see a pristine reflection of the blue sky and white puffy clouds on the lake… this is where the wind was silent, but not for long. The wind rapidly came upon us and off the mountains, so much so, that we thought it was going to storm.

We made our way down to the water after finishing our burritos from Bodes (best burritos ever.) The ‘sand’ was a fine black substance and was quite fascinating. As we got closer to the water, I stepped to feel the temperature of Heron Lake only to have my shoes completely sink into the ‘sand.’ The ground was feathery. The rocks in the area were of great curiosity, some very large rocks with quartz intermingled and you can tell that the geology of the lake is what causes it to be such a beautiful turquoise color, almost as if the rocks filter the water.