Forest of Aspen Trees in Colorado

291/366: Into The Forest (of Aspen)

As most of you already know, I love Aspen trees. I love their stark white bark with spots of darkness. I love their leaves in all seasons, especially fall. This fall I had the opportunity to travel to Colorado and capture not only my favorite tree, but an entire forest of Aspen trees. I was so thrilled when I found this spot in the San Juan National Forest. It was off the road a bit and I had to climb down a pretty steep hill to reach the forest of Aspen, but once I got down there.. it was pure heaven for me.

I took a few moments to just take it all in, to look around (for bears) and just breath in the beauty before my eyes. Then I got to snapping. The leaves were oh so golden and the sky a beautiful blue – no humility in the air.  For a while, it was just me and the trees.