Lake Hefner Lighthouse Oklahoma

155/366: Lake Hefner Lighthouse

For some people a photograph can bring back a memory or an emotion, a photograph can access a point in time of happiness, adventure or sadness… a photograph can effect our mood, our tone and our behavior… make us nostalgic or go ‘wow.’  When I take a photograph my goal is to make someone feel one of those things, to bring an emotional state of being – either good or bad.  To imprint into a memory or a sense of adventure and wonder.

This photograph of the Lake Hefner lighthouse brought me to that point while editing. I had this sense that I wanted to return, that I want to seek out more lighthouses, to adventure to Maine and feel the cool crisp ocean air as I photograph the many lighthouses up and down the coast.  I hope the photograph does the same for you, or brings you to some place in time of happiness.

Taken using my Lee Filters Big Stopper for 45 seconds.