Light Painting With The Supermoon

320/366: Light Painting With The Supermoon

After being able to spend some more time with the photographs I took last night of the Supermoon, this is my favorite of all from last night. As I said in yesterday’s post – I was struggling with what focal range to use and then I did what I always do – I went wide and for a long exposure.

The lake provided a perfect equation for me to be creative with my own style. This is one exposure, however, I did some light painting on the bush in the front and side. The front bush was light painted with my flashlight and the bushes to the side were light painted with my headlamp. The supermoon light painted the rest of the foreground and the sky, and also provided a magnificent reflection on Lake Grapevine.

Taken with my Nikon D810 for an exposure time of 63 seconds at f/8.0, ISO 100 – 24mm – with the camera down low to the ground.