Mesa Verde National Park - Cliff Palace Panorama

298/366: Mesa Verde National Park – Cliff Palace Panorama

How does one build a palace in the cliff-side? Unknown.
Where can you find a palace carved into a cliff-side? Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado

What a mind-blowing site to see.. literally a town carved into the side of a mountain. How was man in 1100 AD able to remove all that rock from inside and the side of a cliff/mountain and then build homes, gardens, religious shrines, water reservoirs and more. These same buildings and spaces also reveal intentional design, subtle details of craftsmanship, and reliance upon construction materials and methods (structural systems) in use for hundreds of years.

This is a 4 stitch panoramic photo of Mesa Verde Cliff Palace and the surrounding valley and cliffs. The panoramic allows the viewer to truly understand that the cliff palaces was created on the side of a cliff around 1100 AD.  It would be interesting to hear what the Ancient Astronaut Theorists believed. In my opinion, there is no way humans did this alone. Aliens?

If you look closely you can see archaeologist working to preserve the site.