let us never forget 911

255/366: Never Forget – 15 years later

This 15 year anniversary of 9.11, I decided to look back and find previous ‘rants’ or ‘blogs’ that can express the feelings and emotions I have every 9.11. To this day I have an immense sense of anxiety when out in large public places, when I hear an airplane I immediately think it is going to crash into whatever building I’m in – this day in history changed my life forever and I will never forget.

Below is a writing published on 9.11.2003 –

two years ago, i remember driving into work – had the radio on – ‘a plane has just flown into the world trade center tower #2.’ i remember thinking what, what are they talking about? 5 mins later i arrived in the office and immediately attempted to bring upmsnbc.com or cnn.com something that would tell me what hell was happening. these sites where overloaded with people, just like me, needing to know what was going on. finally i was able to connect to msnbc.com and began watching the live video stream from new york. as soon as i connected, another plane had flown into tower #1. at that point my heart was beating so fast, my mind was going in circles, i didn’t understand, what was happening? then my co-worker (jason) came up to my desk and began to tell me that ‘terrorists are attacking us, the are flying planes into buildings.’ i remember turning and looking at him… and my heart sank, my eyes got watery and for the first time in my lifetime the world that i felt was so safe and secure was no longer. i remember sitting there watching the live feeds – blown away by what i was seeing – the fear, the anger, the confusion – everything new yorkers were feeling, so was i.

so today, on this day, i am grateful to be alive, grateful to be an American and most of all aware of how short life can be. i can only hope you feel the same.

Posted on 9.11.2003