Northshore Trail off Lake Grapevine

249/366: Northshore Trail – Off The Path

I spent labor day with the family doing more adventuring around the Northshore Trail on Lake Grapevine.  We adventured further north and came across this beautiful landscape and a little creek which runs into Lake Grapevine.  The landscape was filled with large fallen trees, dense grass and lots of animal footprints.  I saw this fallen log from pretty far up creek and I had to find a way to access it for this photography.  We climbed and hiked and got muddy, but we made it and the shot was worth the adventure!

This area seems to be a favorite to the local beavers, as we could see many trees which had been chopped down by beavers and even saw a spot we believe to be a beaver dam.

Photography was taken with my Nikon D810 and Lee Filters CP.