FBI Building Oklahoma City

178/366: Outside the FBI

When we were in Oklahoma City a few weeks ago I had noticed the FBI building close to our hotel, being the photographer I am, I knew I must get a picture. Little did I know how much of a ‘big deal’ this would cause at the time. So here goes the story…

We pull into the visitor parking outside the FBI building in Oklahoma City and I go in to my trunk to pull out my camera and tripod… I quickly start setting up outside the locked gates and start capturing some architectural photography.  Then I notice an armed security guard making his way around the building and slowly approaching.  Once I noticed this I began to pack up my gear.  After my gear was packed I approached the guard and let him know I was just shooting photos and I am a photographer… I then asked if he wanted my card so he could see I was who I was saying I was…. I was happy this guard was doing his job and keeping our country and those who serve safe inside that building.  Just as I was finishing with the guard we notice 4 armed FBI agents begin to approach the front gate. I assume they were worried about the guard because of the extended conversation we were having, but all turned out well and I got this awesome shot.

Shot with Lee Filters Circular Polarizer.