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210/366: Pixsy, Inc. Royalty Payment

Today I received my first royalty payment from Pixsy, Inc and closed open litigation against a band who used one of my photos without permission. I’m so thankful for the legal assistance and the team who worked hard to get this case settled and get me my royalty payment. It seems as if people don’t understand what copyright infringement is or they choose to ignore it.

Let me help clear it up a bit — when you pull that photo off the internet and make a meme out of it and post it – that is copyright infringement. Someone owns that photo and not only have you ‘changed’ their copyrighted work, but you also (most likely) illegally used it.

When you see a photo you love online and decide to use it in a marketing campaign, put in on your wedding website or use it as the background on your phone or computer – unless you got permission from the owner of the photo – that is copyright infringement – and you are stealing money right out of the pocket from the photographer who owns the photograph.

When you are working on a presentation for work or school and you must have this awesome landscape photo you saw online to grab the attention of your audience – and you didn’t get permission to use the photo from the photographer – that is copyright infringement and you could be sued for royalties and if it is my photo – you will be sued for royalties.  All you have to do is ask, ask permission – and more likely then not, the photographer or artist will let you use their photograph (with credit given.) Oh and don’t crop out the watermark, that is just as bad.

Today’s photo is the photo which was illegally used, the band was sued and royalties have been received.
Photo description “The view from our room at the Bellagio was amazing and simply stunning.  Each evening we could sit and watch the Bellagio fountains dance in a rhythmic display choreographed to music… Priceless.”