Quail Creek Pond Oklahoma City

150/366: Quail Creek Pond Oklahoma City

I stumbled across this this pond while driving around Oklahoma City.. I wasn’t able to find an official name for it, so I have named it Quail Creek Pond, since it was in the Quail Creek area of Oklahoma City.  I drove by at just the right time of day, the sky was an immaculate blue with my favorite rolling white puffy clouds.  Since the sun was behind me the sky popped with blue and the reflections on the pond was stunningly perfect.  The green algae blob adds a nice pop of green to the foreground, while the reflections of the sky, clouds and trees create an almost perfect symmetry to the photograph. While I was shooting I had a friend come by, a redhead duck.  I think he was looking for food.

Shot using my Lee Filter Circular Polarizer.