Stone Creek Park in Flower Mound after a Storm

295/366: Refining Rains

Yesterday morning we had some substantial refining rains. It poured, large noisy raindrops… raindrops you could hear bouncing off the neighborhood rooftops. A cleansing, refining rain.. the kind that feels so good because it had been so long since the last purge. The creeks filled, the water holes came to life and the animals thanked a God and I ventured out to Stone Creek Park in Flower Mound. I had never seen the creek running so fast, so swiftly and so powerfully… it was a wonder to photography… the water appears like fog when using a long exposure technique because of the vast power and authority, it was a dynamic site to see.

Photo taken with my Nikon D810 and Lee Filters CP and Big Stopper for an exposure time of 106 seconds at f/8, ISO 100 – 14mm.