Stillness - Sunrise at Eastern Lake

225/366: Stillness – Sunrise at Eastern Lake

Today will never get any easier, but this photo seems to bring me some level of comfort. This was the photo I took the morning we found out my dear Pacey passed over the rainbow bridge.  I normally don’t make it up for sunrise photos, but after the phone call, I knew I had to venture out. I feel this photo was her telling me she was OK, that is was time and that she loved me, always. The Gulf of Mexico is to the right and the lake in the foreground is Eastern Lake in Sea Grove beach Florida.  The clouds are the angel wings of my beautiful Pacey.

It was one of the hardest days of my life. Pacey was our first dog and she loved me 110% unconditionally and I showed her the same love back. She lived a long and comfortable life to the age of 14…. I miss her everyday.