Stone Creek Park Waterfalls in Long Exposure

229/366: Stone Creek Park Waterfalls – Challenge the Obvious

Next time you are out shooting a photograph, I ask you to challenge the obvious. What does this mean? It means look for the unobvious angles, the the hidden gem of a location, get dirty, get wet to find that perfect angle to get that perfect shot. That is what I did when shooting this photograph at the Stone Creek Park waterfalls… I normally just shoot the big waterfall – ignoring what is a bit downstream, but this time I wanted something different – a hidden gem – and I believe I found it. The large waterfall is still in the photograph, but it is a much more interesting composition then my normal shots.  The light was gentle and forgiving as the clouds blocked the harshness of the light, allowing for a sharp and crisp photo throughout.

Photo taken with my Nikon D810 and Lee Filters CP and Big Stopper for an exposure time of 58 seconds at f/11, ISO 100 – 14mm.