Sunset on Village Lake - Colorado

201/366: Sunset on Village Lake – Colorado

The sunset on Village Lake in Pagosa Springs Colorado on the day we arrived for vacation.  Mother nature gave us a spectacular painting for a sunset on our arrival date.   The sky was speckled with clouds and the lake was calm as could be.. except for the geese flying in for an evening snack.  You could hear the geese from far away before you would see them glide into Village Lake in Pagosa Springs Colorado.  As the sun got lower and lower in the sky the clouds began to light up with beautiful shades orange and yellow.. I was mesmerized by the simple beauty in front of my eyes.  The tallest mountain in the background is Pagosa Peak which is part of the San Juan Mountain range.

Once I started editing the photos I noticed 2 lens flare rainbows on the right side of the photos…. Mother nature is so grand when she wants to give us a show of beauty.

This photo was shot with my Lee Filters circular polarizer and big stopper for an exposure time of 121 seconds at f/11, ISO 100 – 14mm.