Cottonwood Trees in downtown Pagosa Springs Colorado

238/366: The Cottonwood Trees

I just want to sit and stare up at these enormously beautiful cottonwood trees for hours.  The detail, sharpness and color contrast brings my eye to a place of happiness and calm, examining each line of bark as I follow a path to the top, only to return to the beginning, over and over again. When you look up at them you see an infinity of tree with branches acting as roads which junction into different directions. As in life, we come to different junctions, different turning points – we have to choose wisely – find the branch which fits our life and our happiness and grow in that direction.. reaching for the sun and the stars.

These cottonwood trees are located in downtown Pagosa Springs Colorado. If I had to approximate, I would say they soar 80 feet into the sky which would make them hundreds of years old.  These beautiful trees should forever be protected and treasured.