Long Exposure Supermoon over Lake Grapevine

319/366: The Supermoon

I went out with a friend to photograph the supermoon this evening. It was difficult to decide which lens and focal range to use. I started out shooting tight and then went to what I love, shooting wide and long exposure. My friend scouted out an awesome location on Lake Grapevine, where the supermoon ascended right over the Lake Grapevine dam. It was am amazing site to see and so bright. So bright that the supermoon did some beautiful light painting of the foreground and clouds. This photo is 100% my style when it comes to shooting, it may not be the typical ‘supermoon’ photo, but it is me.

This photo was shot with my Nikon D810 for an exposure time of 87 seconds at f/8, ISO 100 – 14mm.