long exposure fine art photography

147/365: places.🌳🏴󠁳󠁳󠁬󠁫󠁿

when i’m not with you, i’m not me
nothing ever feels good
when i’m not with you
i’m not in control of what i do, it’s not me
i come back to the places where we found us
we’re somewhere in a place between love and lust #lyrics

i’ve been working on this image for several days… when i got to this location at murrell park on lake grapevine i was immediately drawn to the tree, yes the fabulous tree, which has to have an interesting story. the moss just hangs ever so gently on the tree roots as the lake water lightly brushes by. i felt as if i was on an exotic island – for just that moment, seeing nature in all it’s beauty.

60.0 seconds
ISO 31

Nikon D810
Nikkor 14-24mm (f/2.8)
Lee Filters Big Stopper and Circular Polarizer
ProMaster XC525
RFN-4s wireless remote