the glory hole waterfall - arkansas - long exposure - fine art

108/365: hole.

some days, weeks, months – the flow seems paralyzing… tired, exhausted, worn out… seeking something to pull me out of the hole.
needing to find nature, be nature, explore nature..  yet the door seems to heavy to open.
needing to escape the insanity of my mind, my thoughts, my feelings… – searching, seeking, needing, wanting…
unable to eat, to sleep – the world seems to be beating on me like a bass drum… boom boom.

slowly i’ll crawl..
crawl out of the hole…
i always do..
and when it happens – the light will shine again.

photo of The Glory Hole waterfall taken in Arkansas.  the creek has drilled a large hole right down through the roof of an overhanging bluff, and the pictured waterfall pours out below at a height of 31 feet.

1.0 seconds
ISO 100

Nikon D810
Nikkor 14-24mm (f/2.8)
Lee Filters Circular Polarizer
ProMaster XC525
RFN-4s wireless remote