black and white fine art photography - the glory hole waterfall arkansas

130/365: thru the rabbit 🐇hole 🕳️

we all take a leap, a chance, a ride – thru the rabbit hole
space to time, time to space
does it truly bind? or are we just blind..
restricted by our egocentric selves..
afraid to see what is waiting on the inside to shine?
if we could just all be kind.

photo captured at ‘the glory hole’ waterfall in arkansas…the creek has drilled a large hole right down through the roof of an overhanging bluff, and the pictured waterfall pours out below at a height of 31 feet. the walls of the overhang are saturated by an artistic show of expression of clay/mud hands.

44.0 seconds
ISO 100

Nikon D810
Nikkor 14-24mm (f/2.8)
Lee Filters Little Stopper and Circular Polarizer
ProMaster XC525
RFN-4s wireless remote