Self Reflection - Long Exposure Black and White Landscape Photograhy

2018 was the year of intent.

|when i was spending time with family, i was present in those moments and memories.
|when i was engaging in photography… i was mindful of the moment, shooting with intent and purpose.
|when we traveled, it was with a plan and direction.
|when i gave of myself, it was because i truly wanted to and with my best heart and intent.
|when we made decisions, it was with a deep intent; the biggest of this year being the decision to delay our move.

this word.. intent. changed my life over the course of 2018.

  • it allowed me to be more aware of self, selflessness and selfishness.
  • it helped bring me back to purpose when i would lose my way or get stuck in the mundane of life’s chores.
  • it made me more aware and conscience of the universe, my actions and my reactions.
  • it helped me to see outside myself… and realize it isn’t always about ‘me.’
  • it allowed me to connect to people on a deeper consciousness of love and light.
  • it raised my frequency and opened my mind to the concept of ‘living.’

2019 will be the year of contemplation.. i desire to go deeper.

long exposure photo captured at Murrell Park on Lake Grapevine in Flower Mound, Texas

5.0 seconds
ISO 31

Nikon D810
Nikkor 14-24mm (f/2.8)
Lee Filters Little Stopper and Circular Polarizer