365 Photo Project 2012 | One photo each day, for 365 days.

Dog looking beautiful


344/366: Beauty I am beautiful, I am wise. I am loved and I am needed. I am compassionate, I am free. I am who I want to be.
Jolly Ranchers in a candy jar

Jolly Ranchers

343/366: Jolly Ranchers What is your favorite jolly rancher flavor? Mine is watermelon.
Rainbow bridge candle

Zoe - 1 Year

342/366: Zoe - 1 Year One year ago our beloved Zoe passed over the rainbow bridge.  You are missed and loved. <3
Tree against the blue sky


341/366: Path Everything in life has paths to choose from, choose well.
Person gets snuggles from a dog


340/366: Snuggles Getting some much needed snuggles from Skippy!
John and Joyce Neth


339/366: Love Happy 47th Anniversary to Mom and Dad. Thank you for your everyday example of what love really is.
Stones Wall


338/366: Stones Some stones are easier to pass than others.  Kidney stones = not to easy.
Happy Birthday Gwenn

Happy Birthday Gwenn

337/366: Happy Birthday Gwenn Happy Birthday to Gwenn.  You are an amazing woman and I could not ask for more. <3
Butterfly eating from flower


336/366: Butterfly Beauty is all around.  Open your eyes and see the miracles.
Flower blooming


335/366: Belong Figure it out Friday: We all strive to belong, what flower species does this photo belong to?
Rose in bloom


334/366: Rose Life is like a rose, it gets more beautiful and complex with time.
Reflection in a Christmas orinment


333/366: Reflection Reflection on life allows us choices.  Choices allow us freedom.  Freedom allows us happiness.
Dog looking cute


332/366: Eyes The eyes always share the truth.  Unconditional Love.
Tree with leaves


331/366: Loner Loners are also survivors.
Dog playing fetch with ball


330/366: Focus It is good to focus on the things we love.
Dog chewing stick outside


329/366: Sticks Charlie enjoying a stick as big as her.
Dog helps person with jigsaw puzzle


328/366: Helper We all need helpers sometimes in life.  Skippy is a great helper when working on puzzles.
Trees in field with clouds


327/366: Serenity I'm thankful for serenity.
Weed growing in yard


326/366: Weed A weed is just an unwanted plant.  Perspective is what makes the difference, change your perspective and see the beauty, instead of the weed.
Texas sunset

Big Sky

325/366: Big Sky Texas sunset.  Beauty!
Fall leaves in a pile


324/366: Unique We are all unique. Don't judge another.
Zebra animal


323/366: Zebra Can a zebra change its stripes? Can a person change who they are? Can we learn to laugh and love? Can we dream to be more then who we are? Can we find ourselves in mirror of reflections? Can we stop before we are out of…