365 Photo Project 2012 | One photo each day, for 365 days.

Wreck It Ralph the movie

One Game At A Time

322/366: One Game At A Time Wreck It Ralph - One Game At A Time, such a good motto for life.
golden leaves on a tree

Gold Stars

321/366: Gold Stars There are always a few gold stars that stick out among the many.  Are you one?


320/366: RED RED: love - passion - lust - desire - power - speed - energy - jealousy - impatience - anger - aggressiveness - rage.


319/366: Sunflowers Gwenn brought home sunflowers.  Such a bright way to start my day.  Thanks my love.
Dandelion at pond

Lone Dreamer

318/366: Lone Dreamer Keep dreaming, Keep believing.
Love In Any Language

Love In Any Language

317/366: Love In Any Language Even in the shadows we can still show our Love.
Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

Smell The Roses

316/366: Smell The Roses Every once in a while, it is good to just let loose, stick your head out the window and smell the roses.
Sky through the sunroof of a car

Life Through Shades

314/366: Life Through Shades Sometimes when we look at life through shades, we miss the most vibrant parts.
Leaf changing colors in fall

True Colors

313/366: True Colors No matter how hard we try to hide Our true colors will always abide.
Pictures of a Basset Hound

Zoe Through the Years

312/366: Zoe Through the Years Today's photo is dedicated to Zoe and all the love she has shown me throughout the years.  A collage of each photo I posted on the monthly anniversary of your passing.  It will be one year next month, how…
Halo 4 xbox game

Halo 4

311/366: Halo 4 Got my copy of Halo 4 and I'm ready to start playing! Best FPS game series ever.
Leaves changing colors in fall

Above The Crowd

310/366: Above The Crowd Stand above the crowd,  Stand up for what you believe, Stand up for who you are and Stand out among the masses.
Volcano kit


309/366: Volcano Josh finally erupts his volcano with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda.  POW.
Chili Cook-Off

Chili Cook Off

308/366: Chili Cook Off Gwenn entered a chili cook off today, I'm so proud of her and her chili was fabulous.  #1 in my opinion.
Caramel dip for apples


307/366: Caramel Figure it out Friday: What is dipped in the caramel?  Yummy!
Fire in a fireplace


306/366: Fire Fire burns, Fire scolds, Fire hurts and Fire Molds.
Carved pumpkins for halloween

Happy Halloween

305/366: Happy Halloween Happy Halloween.  Pumpkin artists from left to right - Josh, Cathy and Gwenn
Sky at sunrise


304/366: Sky Look to the sky and be thankful for what you have, for tomorrow it may be gone.
Hurricane Sandy 2012

Hurricane Sandy

303/366: Hurricane Sandy Here comes Hurricane Sandy 2012.  Praying for those who will be affected, including animals and pets.
New York Football Giants helmet

New York Football Giants

302/366: New York Football Giants It is a New York Football Giants kinda afternoon.  Let's Go GIANTS!
Sanuk Pumpkin Smile Pass It On!

Sanuk Pumpkin - Smile Pass It On!

301/366: Sanuk Pumpkin - Smile Pass It On! Carved my pumpkin Sanuk style.  Smile Pass It On!