365 Photo Project 2013 | One photo each day, for 365 days.

Lionel Train around Christmas tree

Lionel Trains Around Christmas Tree

353/365: Lionel Trains Around Christmas Tree Carrying on the tradition started last year, we again put the Lionel Train around the Christmas Tree.  So exciting to play with and  can bring any adult back to the joy of childhood at Christmas…
red door

Red Door

352/365: Red Door Saw this red door the other day and loved how it was surrounded by the brick and the walk way and a tree reflection framing the top of the photo.
terrier mix dog

Snuggle Buddy

351/365: Snuggle Buddy Skippy has been my snuggle buddy today as I'm resting with the flu.  He is such a great dog.  I love this little guy so much!
Flu Medicine

The Flu

350/365: The Flu Fever. Chills. Sweats. Aches. Cough. Headache. yup... I've been diagnosed with the flu.  This is what my next 5 days will consist of.
A Christmas Story Tree Decoration


349/365: Fragile Great day of celebration and decorating the Christmas Tree.  Anyone know which movie this awesome ornament is from?
grass in snow

Poke Through

348/365: Poke Through In the cold, harsh winter... hope pokes through.  In search of sunlight, joy and laughter.
colorful leaf on snow


347/365: Collide Collide crash into me Feeling myself go Collide crash into me Who is in control In control In control Tonight you're here with me Photo: Fall collides with winter in a brilliant display of color.
tree with color

Soul Meets Body

346/365: Soul Meets Body I want to live where soul meets body And let the sun wrap its arms around me And bathe my skin in water cool and cleansing And feel, feel what its like to be new Cause you’re the only song I want to hear A…
Peanuts Christmas Tree


345/365: Zigzag Zigzag.  Ups and Downs Even during this season of cheer. Some are filled with fear. Life is full of highs and lows. These are the times when we grow. Persevere and push through. In the end, your life will be living…
Light Refraction


344/365: Refraction I was out the other day and saw this beautiful light refraction on my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone.  It took me by surprise as it seemed to shape a heart.  It reminded me how my actions and reactions can either converge into…
frozen lantern

Frozen Light

343/365: Frozen Light Frozen light, frozen heart, Frozen from the start. Feel the warmth, feel the beat. Feel me from the inside. Freedom rings, freedom sings. Freedom from our frozen sins.
cardinal in tree

Bright Side

342/365: Bright Side In the mist of the coldest times... always look for the bright side, the beautiful side, the colorful side. Photo taken on 12/6 during the ice storm of 2013.  You can see sleet pellets in the photo.