365 Photo Project 2013 | One photo each day, for 365 days.

fall road

Blurred Road

321/365: Blurred Road The road may not always in focus. The path not always clear. Trust in what you cannot see. Follow the shine from the colorful trees.
child on swing black and white

Child on Swing

320/365: Child on Swing Had my first photo shoot today and I have to say I think the images came out great! This one of the child on a swing, enjoying the simple pleasures in life is one of my favorites. You can see some of my other favorites…
moss between stone path


319/365: Details Life is full of tiny little details, tiny miracles that make the world a beautiful place.  Look for the details, even on a stony path. This photo was taken with my new Nikkor 35mm f/1.8 lens.  The detail and crispness…
5th Street Cafe - Frisco Texas

5th Street Cafe - Frisco Texas

318/365: 5th Street Cafe - Frisco Texas Got the pleasure of eating lunch at the 5th Street Cafe in Frisco, Texas.  The food was great and the atmosphere was relaxing and enjoyable.  We sat at the front counter and got to watch the chef's…
leave shadow

Shadow of Change

317/365: Shadow of Change Shadow of change represented by the leaves inside my shadow.   Change is always happening... our minds, our bodies... do we choose to better ourselves or fall back on the comfortable?
fire in fireplace


316/365: Fire The first fire of this season.  Warm and comforting, inviting and relaxing.  Was nice to come home to.
Squirrel eating from lunchbox

Squirrel Lunchbox

315/365: Squirrel Lunchbox We have two squirrel lunchboxes setup on our back fence.  The squirrels have learned how to open the top, reach in and get a snack.  They are such an enjoyment to watch.  I love the wildlife that has come to our…
basset hound sleeping


314/365: Comfort We all find comfort in the things we love.  Basset hounds love to sleep! Charlie is enjoying an afternoon nap on her new dog bed.
fall leaves


313/365: Simplicity The simplicity of fall. The air so crisp. The sky so blue. Colors change, as do you. Moods seem free. Skin so smooth. Close your eyes and just let loose. Inhale.. Exhale Smells of fall. Freedom to do... all…
colored glass

Colored Spaces

312/365: Colored Spaces Colored spaces. Angry Faces. Escape the shadowed cases. Brightness shines. Only on the divine? Colored spaces. Rosy glasses. Life races. Too fast for second chances?  
old camera

Old Cameras

311/365: Old Cameras Saw all this old camera and video camera equipment in an antique shop.  I doubt any of the them work, but it was interesting to look at.  How far we have come from these devices to today's cameras.
air filter lines


310/365: Lines Symmetry. Lines. Order. Art. Beauty. Everywhere. Just. Look.
52mm Nikon D3200 Camera Filters

Camera Toys

309/365: Camera Toys New camera toys.  Excited to try out the two new filters on my Nikon D3200.  Got a 52mm UV filter and 52mm CPL filter, along with some other nice to haves...
broken light

Broken Light

308/365: Broken Light Broken lights can still shine bright. The angle just may be out of sight... Broken lights can still shine bright. Don't give up on the little light.
Foster Dog - Humane Society of Flower Mound

Foster Dog

307/365: Foster Dog We are temporary fosters for Shonna from the Humane Society of Flower Mound.  Such a sweetheart who has been enjoying playing with our dogs. Shonna is a 3 year old, 38 lb, Corgi/Labrador Retriever mix. She's a Corgidor. Foster…
strength and beauty crossfit flower mound

CrossFit Strength and Beauty

306/365: Strength and Beauty The winners from last nights CrossFit Strength and Beauty competition at CrossFit Flower Mound.  Such a fun evening of competition and companionship.  I met some great woman and had a great time.  Unfortunately…
October Lookbook

October Photo Lookbook

305/365: October Photo Lookbook All that was October 2013 in a Photo Lookbook.  October has been a month where I have done a significant amount of reflection.  My photos from this month reflect that raw emotion. 274. September Photo…
Radio Flyer pumpkin wagon

Radio Flyer

304/365: Radio Flyer Love the Radio Flyer wagons at the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch. Good for pumpkins of all sizes.
Radio Flyer Wagon

Broken Dreams

303/365: Broken Dreams Broken dreams, broken fears Highs not reached Flights not believed Wants confused with needs.
pumpkin patch


302/365: Unique Be unique. Stand out. Find your crowd. And don't back down. To be apart. Or a part? Which is the best way. To live smart?
blackberry bush


301/365: Growth Growth can be defined by many different measurements... color, size, length, height, width, change.. My favorite measurement for growth is progress.  As long as I'm making progress, I am continuing to grow - to learn - and…
firepit sparks


300/365: Sparks Glowing,  incandescent particle. Free flying, wind blown. Where you land is unknown. Carry the light. To new highs. Sparking a fire within. New life, new light. Hope finds, a side of bright.