puppy basset hounds

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

48/366: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger Thank you puppies for opening my heart.
Two Goldfish in a fish tank

Goldfish - Melvin and Nickle

47/366: Goldfish - Melvin and Nickle Pictured are goldfish Melvin and Nickle, if you look close you can see Al in the cave upside down.
art sculpture in the park

Wind Power

46/366: Wind Power Art piece that turns in the wind.
Care Bear Love sitting on a Cloud

Care Bear Love sitting on a Cloud

45/366: Care Bear Love sitting on a Cloud Gwenn made one of the most special gifts for me for Valentine's day and our Anniversary.  Writing me a beautiful love story, hand making me a 23 inch square pillow [our Anniversary is on the 23rd…
fire in a fireplace

Staying Warm

44/366: Staying Warm Sitting at the fireplace staying warm on a cold winters night.
Reminders Surround me Dailyy - Whitney Houston

Reminders Surround me Daily

43/366: Reminders Surround me Daily I grew up listening to Whitney Houston, her voice amazing... she will be missed.
Tornado Terry's Arcade

Tornado Terry's fun

42/366: Tornado Terry's fun Fun at the arcade with family and a friend...
dog and person laying on couch sleeping

Lazy Weekend

41/366: Lazy Weekend I plan to have a Lazy Weekend
handmade quilt on bed

Sleepy time

40/366: Sleepy time I'm very tired this week.. Hoping for some good sleep tonight.
Wildlife at a pond


39/366: Wildlife Two Canadian Geese joined the ducks this afternoon.
basset hound wearing xbox headset

In Memory of Zoe - Gamer

38/366: In Memory of Zoe - Gamer Zoe was a great Xbox gaming partner.
New York Giants win the superbowl

Giants Win Giants Win

37/366: Giants Win Giants Win Giants win Superbowl 46! Giants: 21 Patriots: 17... Eli Manning Superbowl MVP!