NFC Champions New York Giants

NFC Champions: Victory vs. Defeat

23/366: NFC Champions: Victory vs. Defeat New York Football Giants win the NFC
Flap Jack plant with water droplet


22/366: Thirst Flap Jack holds its water and waits for the thirst to become overwhelming before taking a sip.
Lego Land in Texas

Lego Land Leave Your Mark

21/366: Lego Land Leave Your Mark Wherever you go leave your mark, leave your influence, leave your best.
Male mallard duck at pond

Mr. Duck

20/366: Mr. Duck Mr. Duck goes for a walk outside the pond.
railroad crossing sign at sunrise

Industry in the Morning

19/366: Industry in the Morning Industry is just walking up, the train bells ring and the sirens shout.  Wake up wake up.
Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge SOPA

Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge SOPA

18/366: Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge SOPA The prospect of censorship should make you cringe. Fight against censorship.
grass growing between cracks on stone path

Peeks and Valleys

17/366: Peeks and Valleys We all have peeks and valleys.  The peeks keep us alive and the valleys bring us back to reality.
Happy Birthday Josh

Happy Birthday Joshua

16/366: Happy Birthday Joshua A mosaic of Josh's 7th birthday.  What a fun day.  He is growing into such a great young man.
Pink rose in full bloom


15/366: Remembrance In remembrance of grandma Conrad.  May you rest in peace.
sun shining through the trees

Let Your Light Shine

14/366: Let Your Light Shine No matter where you go or what you do, let your light shine
barrel of apricots

Orange Crush

13/366: Orange Crush Color is everywhere. Can you find all the colors of the rainbow as you make your way today.
dog looking at camera

Hello World

12/366: Hello World Skippy says hello world.