outdoor light with clean lines

Clean Lines

60/366: Clean Lines I love the clean, straight lines on this image. p.s. happy leap day
dog sleeping with tennis ball

mine mine mine mine

59/366: mine mine mine mine Skippy decided to sleep with his ball last night to make sure his new sister, Charlie, did not get it.  Too Cute!
cloud formations

Cloud 9

58/366: Cloud 9 Beautiful cloud formations today
basset hound chews rawhide

Charlie's first rawhide

57/366: Charlie's first rawhide Charlie had her first rawhide treat today.  At first she wasn't sure what to do, but after watching her big sister and brother, she finally got the hang of it.
dog outside enjoying the beautiful weather

Skippy taking in the beautiful weather

56/366: Skippy taking in the beautiful weather Skippy laying outside on the couch enjoying the breeze and sunshine.
basset hound laying on kitchen floor

Charlie resting up

55/366: Charlie resting up Today Charlie has her surgery, this was her last night resting up.
wedding photo of two woman

The Day 9 Years Ago

54/366: The Day 9 Years Ago ...it all comes down to the commitment that we made to one another.  The moment that we bowed our heads and made a promise to God that we would love and cherish each other from that point on. Not just for the rest…
Spring in on the way yellow flowers blooming

Spring in on the way

53/366: Spring in on the way Flowers are blooming, allergies are booming - Spring must be on the way...
dogs chew bones together

Friends chew bone together

52/366: Friends chew bone together The family that chews bone together, stays together...
nose view of dog

Hi Mommy

51/366: Hi Mommy Pacey saying hello...She is adjusting well to Charlie
dogs outside playing together

Pacey Skippy and Charlie

50/366: Pacey Skippy and Charlie Welcome Charlie the female basset hound to our family.  Charlie was found in December by a family.  The family is unable to continue to take care of her and we are excited to have a new addition
Star Wars The Phantom Menace 3D movie

Star Wars The Phantom Menace 3D

49/366: Star Wars The Phantom Menace 3D Date day with Gwenn, movie and an early dinner.