Care Bear Love sitting on a Cloud

Care Bear Love sitting on a Cloud

45/366: Care Bear Love sitting on a Cloud Gwenn made one of the most special gifts for me for Valentine's day and our Anniversary.  Writing me a beautiful love story, hand making me a 23 inch square pillow [our Anniversary is on the 23rd…
fire in a fireplace

Staying Warm

44/366: Staying Warm Sitting at the fireplace staying warm on a cold winters night.
Reminders Surround me Dailyy - Whitney Houston

Reminders Surround me Daily

43/366: Reminders Surround me Daily I grew up listening to Whitney Houston, her voice amazing... she will be missed.
Tornado Terry's Arcade

Tornado Terry's fun

42/366: Tornado Terry's fun Fun at the arcade with family and a friend...
dog and person laying on couch sleeping

Lazy Weekend

41/366: Lazy Weekend I plan to have a Lazy Weekend
handmade quilt on bed

Sleepy time

40/366: Sleepy time I'm very tired this week.. Hoping for some good sleep tonight.
Wildlife at a pond


39/366: Wildlife Two Canadian Geese joined the ducks this afternoon.
basset hound wearing xbox headset

In Memory of Zoe - Gamer

38/366: In Memory of Zoe - Gamer Zoe was a great Xbox gaming partner.
New York Giants win the superbowl

Giants Win Giants Win

37/366: Giants Win Giants Win Giants win Superbowl 46! Giants: 21 Patriots: 17... Eli Manning Superbowl MVP!
Superbowl 2012 Lets Go Giants

Superbowl XLVI Lets Go GIANTS

36/366: Superbowl XLVI Lets Go GIANTS Lets Go Giants.  This morning when I woke up Josh had decorated the living room with Giants posters!  We are all ready for the big game.. GO BIG BLUE.
large box of tennis balls

Skippy's Dream Come True

35/366: Skippy's Dream Come True This large box of tennis balls would be Skippy's dream come true.
young boy hold a squishy bird

Friday Prize Day

34/366: Friday Prize Day Way to go Josh, congrats on your good week.