rain droplets on sunroof of car

Rainy Day Monday

9/366: Rainy Day Monday Rain droplets collect on my sunroof on a rainy day Monday
kids play with magnets

Family Fun Magnets

8/366: Family Fun Magnets Had some family fun time today playing with magnets
Snausages dog treats

In Memory of Zoe... Snausages

7/366: In Memory of Zoe... Snausages One of Zoe's favorite dog treats were snausages.  She love them so much.
berries on a plant

Stick Together

6/366: Stick Together Berries stick together on a plant.  Always stick together with those who love you, stand strong and give them the benefit of the doubt.
tree standing tall

Stand Tall

5/366: Stand Tall Stand tall in all you do. Stand proud and strong.  Do not give in to the weaknesses that surround you.
wooden duck figurine

In Memory of Mr. Duck

4/366: In Memory of Mr. Duck Mr. Duck passed over the rainbow bridge.  I will never forget you.
lone tree in the country

My Mind

3/366: My Mind At times my mind feels like a lone tree in the country.
Gatorade bucket at football game


2/366: Victory A Gatorade bath is the sure sign of victory.
Green grass at the beginning of spring

New Beginnings

1/366 (2012): New Beginnings The start of 365 photo project brings lots of New Beginnings.
countdown 1 photo
countdown 2 photo
countdown 3 photo