35mm Photography


Six of Spades

Six of Spades

27/366: Six of Spades Spades is the suit of wisdom and wisdom can only be obtained through experience. As the symbol of transformation, I felt it was appropriate to pick the six of spades to represent how my life changed six years ago today. “It's…
Fall Colorful Leaf

Colorful Leaf

308/365: Colorful Leaf I believe Fall has finally arrived.  I went in search of the perfect leaf to photograph this afternoon.  I loved the colors and veins on this beauty.  It symbolizes everything about Fall.. colorful and change.
Baseball and Glove

Playoff Baseball

281/365: Playoff Baseball Leaves are dropping, colors are changing, the air is cool and crisp... it must mean it is time for playoff baseball.  Let's Go Rangers!
Kid on Bike

New Bike

183/365: New Bike Josh got a new bike today, for free.. thanks to the wonderful donation of a friend.

Leap Second

181/365: Leap Second Time will stop on Tuesday, but only for a second. The world's timekeepers will be adding a sliver of time—a leap second—to our clocks. Just as leap years keep our calendars lined up with Earth's revolution around the…
Wedding Rings - Love is Love

Love is Love

177/365: Love is Love "Their hope," Kennedy wrote, "is not to be condemned to live in loneliness, excluded from one of civilization's oldest institutions. They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that…
Cracks in Dirt


161/365: Foundations My fingertips are holding onto the Cracks in our foundations, And I know that I should let go, But I can't.
Mushrooms and Moss

Mushrooms + Moss

138/365: Mushrooms + Moss Mushrooms + Moss from our nature walk this weekend.
Heart Shaped Leaf in A Stream

Hiking In The Woods

136/365: Hiking In The Woods Had a wonderful morning hiking in the woods with the family.  Came across this heart shaped leaf in a stream.
Tiny Mushroom

The Tiny Things

134/365: The Tiny Things sometimes it isn't about the little things, it is about the tiny things.

Monopoly Challenge

108/365: Monopoly Challenge This weekend we had a family Monopoly Challenge.  It was fun to spend time enjoying the simple things.  Josh has learned to play and is now the 'titanic'  token.
Texas Bluebonnets Flower

Texas Bluebonnets

101/365: Texas Bluebonnets The traditional start of Spring for Texas has bloomed.  The Texas bluebonnets are everywhere and just as beautiful as always.  The deep purple is so rich in color.