Photography from April 2013


canadain geese

Canadian Geese

120/365: Canadian Geese These two Canadian geese pose for a headshot while waiting for food.  Their actions mimicked one another it was so cute to watch.
radio flyer big wheel


119/365: Innocence In todays society it seems as if innocence - like a childs toy, slowly fades, cracks and becomes obsolete. What happened to the days - when children only cared about playing in the sun, swimming in the lake and lemonade? What…
HP Envy Computer

The Machine

118/365: The Machine My new machine has arrived and because of its beastliness, it has been named 'The Machine'.  An HP Envy, running Windows 8 Pro w/ 16 GB Ram and an Intel Core i7-3820 CPU @ 3.60Ghz. Time for photo processing fun!
Double Crested Cormorant

Double Crested Cormorant

117/365: Double Crested Cormorant The Double Crested Cormorant is found near rivers, lakes and along the coastline. It mainly eats fish and hunts by swimming and diving. Its feathers, like those of all cormorants, are not waterproof and…
rain drop smile


116/365: Smile Find a way to smile, find a way to breath Find a way to love one another, find a way to believe Find a way to be serene, find a way to be me. I found a way to smile, I found a way to breath I found a way to love one another,…
new tree growth


115/365: Growth Through our flaws, we should find growth.  New sprouts of life, love and hope. New beginnings that excuse our imperfections, our mistakes and our resentments. A fresh start to make it right, to overpower the hatred which…
smooth rocks


114/365: Flawed Even the smoothest rocks have flaws. No matter how hard we try to hide our imperfections, someone will notice. Someone will notice we are flawed, not perfect. We can only hope expectations don't get the best of us, That…
Baby ducks leading female mallard mom


113/365: Leaders Leaders come in all shapes and sizes.  Leaders are easy to follow, charming, charismatic and usually fun.   Leaders guide us into the future and remind us of the past.
dog playing fetch with chuckit


111/365: Chuckit Skippy got a new Chuckit! fetch toy.  His new kickball kept him entertained for a while yesterday, especially as his sister would try to take it from him.  Skippy sure does love playing ball and now he has a new way to p…
basset hound sleeping

Charlie the Basset Hound Sleeps

110/365: Charlie the Basset Hound Sleeps I thought we could also use something cute and adorable after this past week of sorrow.  Charlie the basset hound sleeps soundly with her toy golden retriever.
rose colored glasses

Rose Colored Glasses

109/365: Rose Colored Glasses Americans see our world through rose colored glasses.  We take for granted our security, our safety and our freedom.  We believe these things will always be in place and we believe we are above others.  [Ok…
female mallard duck with baby ducks


108/365: Protector Female mallard mother duck protects her baby ducklings as they eat a snack at a local pond. We all need a protector in life, someone to shield us from the bad and ugly.  Someone to help us feel safe and secure.
female mallard duck and baby


107/365: Glowing This mother mallard duck is glowing as she looks over her baby ducks.  Her eyes are sparkling and her smile is radiating happiness.  She is experiencing the joy of motherhood.
Derek Holland Pitcher for Texas Rangers

Derek Holland

106/365: Derek Holland Derek Holland is on the mound tonight for the Texas Rangers.  Let's Go Rangers!
Mom Ducks Leads the Way for Babies

The Future

105/365: The Future I believe the children are our future Teach them well and let them lead the way Show them all the beauty they possess inside Give them a sense of pride to make it easier Let the children's laughter remind us how we used…
the world planetarium

The World

104/365: The World The world is at our fingertips We need to just reach out Fight for what is ours Believe in who we are The world is at our fingertips Become the star Go to Mars Feel the heat Never be beat Go far Become the sta…
New Beginning for Baby Duck

New Beginning

103/365: New Beginning Everyday we wake up with a chance to start over, a new beginning A fresh start to make the right choices To love unconditionally To dance in the rain To live like we are young To be who we are meant to be To never…
mom and baby ducklings courage


102/365: Courage There are times in our lives when we need courage to take the next step. We look back for guidance and feel the security of those who love us. We search for the courage to be all we can be. This is the moment, step out…
Baseball field grass

The Grass

101/365: The Grass The Grass isn't always greener on the other side.  Sometimes it is just as green.  Which could be good or bad.  Make decisions wisely, when risk is involved ask yourself -  in the end, it is worth it.
baby ducks swim in pond

Baby Ducks

100/365: Baby Ducks The baby ducks have arrived, 8 little ducklings.  The mom and dad are still with them, which is good.  I couldn't of asked for a better surprise when i went for my 3pm walk yesterday.  I am excited to watch the elite…
Texas Rangers Reflections

Texas Rangers Reflections

99/365: Texas Rangers Reflections Gwenn and I at the Texas Rangers home opener April 5, 2013.  I love seeing myself in her eyes!

Proud Baseball

98/365: Proud Baseball This baseball is one of many that surround the upper deck concourse at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.  This baseball symbolizes a proud tradition of baseball since 1972.