Art Photography


old camera

Old Cameras

311/365: Old Cameras Saw all this old camera and video camera equipment in an antique shop.  I doubt any of the them work, but it was interesting to look at.  How far we have come from these devices to today's cameras.
stop sign


298/365: Stop Odd shape, Escape. Stop. Stop. Racing, chasing, craving.. Stop. Cracks, bends, chips... Stop.

Pipe Dreams

294/365: Pipe Dreams Pipe dreams fill my mind An illusory or fantastic plan, hope, or story... A time to run free Be who I want to be.
music guitars


291/365: Music Music fills our souls, it cries our tears and it pushes us to achieve. A song can bring you down, or lift you up. Push you to feel or make you numb. Our lives create a playlist from year to year Bringing us back to a time…


290/365: Knowledge Knowledge is power.  It can lead us down a path of hope and honor or it can lead us down a path or greed and corruption.
antique wood

Antique Wood

289/365: Antique Wood If these pieces of wood could talk, oh what a story they would tell.  Stories of bravery, pride, deception, loyalty, love, rage.... stories of life.
October 15 2013

October 15

288/365: October 15 Enjoying a wonderful October 15 th. Thanks to all who helped make it special! :)  
lava lamp

Lava Lamp

277/365: Lava Lamp Life is like a lava lamp, you never know what you are going to see...  


269/365: Texture Texture, part of everyday life.  Brings the excitement, along with disappointments. Makes the ride interesting and captivating.  Without texture, life would be bland and boring. Photo taken in Las Vegas.
blank canvas

Blank Canvas

268/365: Blank Canvas Everyday we start with a blank canvas.  What did you paint today?
cracked brick wall


252/365: Cracks It's the cracks and chips that make us who we are today.  Take the good with the bad, grow from every experience and enjoy every minute of this short life.
tower in the sky

Tower In The Sky

200/365: Tower In The Sky This sculpture towers in the sky in the art in the park area.  The contrast of the deep blue sky with the white architecture is beautiful.
metal art sculpture of bird

Metal Art Sculpture of Bird

195/365: Metal Art Sculpture of Bird This Metal Art Sculpture of a Bird flies above the garden area in Hall Office Park in Frisco. Anything is possible with Art!
metal art sculpture

Metal Art Sculpture

186/365: Metal Art Sculpture It is always amazing to me the level or creativity a person can show through art.  This metal art sculpture is located in Hall Office Park.  It has a head that looks like Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars. Art…
art sculpture

Sculpture in the Sky

177/365: Sculpture in the Sky This art sculpture in located in Hall Office Park, Frisco Texas.  The clean lines and ambient blue sky made for a great photo.  The color contrast of the off white sculpture against the deep blue sky bring out…
Pi Day Art Sculpture

Pi Day

73/365: Pi Day Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) around the world. Pi (Greek letter “π”) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately…
Glass ceiling Art in Bellagio Hotel Las Vegas

Seeing Color

57/365: Seeing Bellagio Glass Ceiling Art in Color The art that was present all around our hotel was so colorful, bright and beautiful.  This was the glass ceiling of the Bellagio Hotel lobby.
Free Spirit Art Sculpture

Free Spirit

40/365: Free Spirit Art Sculpture Let your spirit run free, your imagination run wild. Free free to be you, one who is not restrained, as by convention or obligation; Be a nonconformist.  
Post It notes staircase


10/365: Staircase In sticky situations, find a way out or make your own.
Zebra animal


323/366: Zebra Can a zebra change its stripes? Can a person change who they are? Can we learn to laugh and love? Can we dream to be more then who we are? Can we find ourselves in mirror of reflections? Can we stop before we are out of…
shattered glass art sculpture

Shattered Dreams

269/366: Shattered Dreams Even shattered dreams can be turn into something beautiful. Keep believing.
art sculpture in the park


264/366: Lookout Always be on the lookout for the bright side.  Remember the glass is always half full with water and half full with air, we need both to survive.