Black and White Photography


piano stairs


36/365: Climb Whatever you do, or dream you can do, begin it! Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. I dream to climb mountains. Explore and stand on top of the world.  Every step brings me closer to my dream.  Every breath pushes…
horse grazing grass


35/365: Grazing It is always good to slow down and grazing.  Allows time for enjoyment of life and fulfillment of dreams.  This horse eating grass is a great example of the simple things.
mason jars


34/365: Jars The jar will always start out empty.  Our determination, will, want, strength and desire will either fill it half way, all the way or leave it empty.  Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.
horse barn

Horse Barn

31/365: Horse Barn This horse barn is located in Bartonville, Texas.  I loved the architecture of the building and the clean lines of the wood planks.  The fisheye lens adds some character to the photo.
horses saddle brook estates texas

Just Run Free

29/365: Just Run Free Just run free. Is what we all want to be.. Free.
number 4 domino

Four Years

27/365: Four Years Four years ago today my life forever changed.  I'm so grateful for everyone who has been there for me, stuck by me, supported me, loved me, lifted me up, encouraged me and let me be me.  I hope to always continue living…
stop sign

Opera House

19/365: Opera House This old Opera House has been turned into a recycled bookstore.  Located on Denton Town Square, the bookstore is three stories and carries a vast variety of used books, music and movies.


15/365: One It just takes one.
Movie Theater

Movie Theater

361/365: Movie Theater The Movie Theater.... a place to dream, a place to escape, a place to watch hero's and villains.  A place to discover and a place to be free.
Lionel Trains in A Christmas Village

Lionel Trains and A Christmas Village

356/365: Lionel Trains and A Christmas Village Christmas Village passengers waiting at the Lionel train station.  This holiday season has brought lots of photo opportunities and I'm really enjoying capturing the joy of the season.
Lionel Train around Christmas tree

Lionel Trains Around Christmas Tree

353/365: Lionel Trains Around Christmas Tree Carrying on the tradition started last year, we again put the Lionel Train around the Christmas Tree.  So exciting to play with and  can bring any adult back to the joy of childhood at Christmas…
shadow on bridge

Shadows of Ourselves

338/365: Shadows of Ourselves We are all just shadows of ourselves. Crossing a bridge between time and reality.
TruFire - Frisco

Lunch Date

336/365: Lunch Date Had a lunch date with that someone special.  Enjoyed some great food at TruFire in Frisco.  Love the atmosphere of this restaurant... calming, soothing and modern all mixed into one.
woman drawing heart in dirt

Heart in the Dirt

334/365: Heart in the Dirt This photo of a woman drawing a heart in the dirt converted to black and white is one of my favorites from some photo shoots this weekend.  It speaks so much with no words. You can see all the photos from this…
mom and daughter

Special Time

333/365: Special Time Mom and I had our annual Black Friday shopping outing.  I love this special time we get to spend together.  Such a close relationship and I love her so much.
shadows and lines art

Shadows and Lines

325/365: Shadows and Lines This is an art sculpture in a local park.  I converted it to black and white and brought out some of the shadows and lines.
child on swing black and white

Child on Swing

320/365: Child on Swing Had my first photo shoot today and I have to say I think the images came out great! This one of the child on a swing, enjoying the simple pleasures in life is one of my favorites. You can see some of my other favorites…
pumpkin patch


302/365: Unique Be unique. Stand out. Find your crowd. And don't back down. To be apart. Or a part? Which is the best way. To live smart?
stop sign


298/365: Stop Odd shape, Escape. Stop. Stop. Racing, chasing, craving.. Stop. Cracks, bends, chips... Stop.