Milky Way photography - texas night sky


'time is the most undefinable yet paradoxical of things; the past is gone, the future is not come, and the present becomes the past even while we attempt to define it, and, like the flash of lightning, at once exists and expires.' /Charles…
Milky Way photography - texas landscapes


the feeling of believing of knowing of seeing the feeling of the universe beating screaming. i'd like to think that maybe our ancestors called the Milky Way 'the great skyscraper.'  and to think we see, what they saw -- we are all connected. photo…
Colorado River in Texas - Long Exposure Photography


'keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. wash your spirit clean.' - John Muir 🏞️ photo captured while camping at Colorado Bend State Park on the…
milky way photography with trees - texas night photography


"we all travel the Milky Way 🌌 together, trees 🌲 and men😎." - john muir photograph of the Milky Way with a beautiful silhouette of trees captured on 10.09.2018 from planet Earth at Colorado Bend State Park in Texas. 📷EXIF 30.0…
milky way core - night photography


i kinda feel like i feel like i saw the light you got me way up a thousand miles can we stay right here in this atmosphere or are you afraid to fall? don't look down up this high, we'll never hit the ground don't look down see that…
Colorado River at Colorado Bend State Park - Texas Landscapes

"time🏞️is like a river. you cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again. enjoy every moment of your life." -unknown on our second night camping at Colorado Bend State Park we were joined…
colorado bend state park - texas - night photography - milky way


"to a mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders." - Lao Tzu photo of the milky way galaxy captured at Colorado Bend State Park in Texas on 10.09.2018 ... and wow did the universe surrender.  after a fierce force of mother Nature…
Colorado Bend State Park Long Exposure Night Sky Photography

chaos theory

13/365: chaos theory chaos | when the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future. wHen wE FeEL chAOs HOW dO we reACT.... do we inhale the chaos? do we abandon ourselves? do…
Call of the wild

Call of The Wild

8/365: Call of The Wild When we hear the wild call - are we listening? When we feel mother nature's heartbeat - do we respond? When we see majestic untamed beauty - do we give respect? #beEpic Photo taken at Colorado Bend State Park…
Colorado Bend State Park Long Exposure Night Photography

Spinning Into The New Year

366/366: Spinning Into The New Year Let's spin into 2017. Another 365 Photo Project is completed today. This year has provided some amazing growth with my photography, knowledge and equipment. I want to thank everyone who has supported this…
Colorado Bend State Park Night Photography - Reload


354/366: Reload When the night become the day They're sending you far away So so far away When everything start to fade You don't have to be afraid No you don't have to be afraid Take my hand and Reload This is free love That's what…
Gorman Springs Trail - The Tease

The Tease

351/366: The Tease Some may think this photo is underexposed, however, it was intentionally taken and left that way.. I've titled it 'The Tease' and it is just the perfect title to give the viewer a bit of a tease to the beautiful waterfall…
self portrait

Self Portrait

350/366: Self Portrait This is me, raw, where I love to be -- in nature... lost between space and time, the only thing forward is the current adventure or the next discovery.
Gorman Springs Trail - Stepping Stones

Follow Me To The Land of Serenity

348/366: Follow Me To The Land of Serenity Follow me across the creek, to the land of serenity and peace of mind. Follow me to free your mind and find your inner ecstasy. Follow me and leave it all behind... we can find ourselves tonight. Photo…
Light Painting in Colorado Bend State Park

Call Me A Spaceman

344/366: Call Me A Spaceman Through the milky way In my spaceship At the speed of light I'm gonna make it I know you've been expecting me Turn on the camera's take another scene [hardwell] I hope everyone has an awesome weekend and…
Wandering - Colorado Bend State Park


341/366: Wanderlust noun | a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about. Wandered around Colorado Bend State Park for 3 lustful days. Exploring, adventuring, discovering, finding, lusting, stargazing, milky way crashing, waterfall…
Colorado Bend State Park Star Trails

Galactic Light Show

340/366: Galactic Light Show The first night at Colorado Bend State Park I enjoyed the fun of a new moon. The lack of light provided a galactic light show which I was able to capture with my camera. The stars shine the brightest on the darkest…
Gorman Springs Trail - Colorado Bend State Park

Majestic Moss

339/366: Majestic Moss After hiking a few miles on Gorman Springs Trail in Colorado Bend State Park we came across this beautifully majestic moss surrounded by multiple delicate waterfalls. The lighting was perfect, shining though the large…
Light Painting with the Stars

Light Painting With The Stars

338/366: Light Painting With The Stars Three days in the woods, finding myself again. Days of hiking - exploring - adventuring, waiting to see what is around the next corner. Evenings of conversation, companionship, connecting and light painting…
The Milky Way

The Milky Way

104/366: The Milky Way Going back through some of my photos from an October trip to Colorado Bend State Park in Texas and found this hidden gem.  Our beautiful and magnificent Milky Way. This park is absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to…
Colorado Bend State Park Dog Leg Canyon

Be Free

83/366: Be Free Be free to breathe, be free to feel, be free to dangle my feet in the air.  Be free to dream, be free to scream... feel free in nature.. feel free to be me. Photo: Dog Leg Canyon at Colorado Bend State Park in Texas with…
Dogleg Canyon - Black and White

Dogleg Canyon - Black and White

310/365: Dogleg Canyon - Black and White A re-edit of Dogleg Canyon in Black and White taken at Colorado Bend State Park.  See the original and read the story of the adventure to get here.